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Engineering is a process of constant updating of the basic laws and functions of ancient science. It’s a method used to make life easy to life with simple process..

“Engineering” it’s the word playing the world today. Hear your heart’s beat, it sounds the technology and science; Touch your nerves to feel the heat of today! Yes, today there is almost none in this world to disagree that engineering rules the world. Yeah! We do breathe the techno now but when we look back where is begun. It says the concept of wheel, pulley, lever and stuff! But now it sounds unprofessional to discuss these even. But it’s true that “THIS IS THE BIRTH OF SCIENCE”.

According to my study about the history. I can assure you that mathematics is the father of engineering. The first exhibition of these skills was in the form of buildings. From this the ideas grew. The second things are Mechanical principles concepts which struck up the mind of our ancestors. This reflected to the development of the hydro and thermo machines. This was followed by the great ELECTRICITY. Then followed by electronics, chemical, aero, motor, etc

Even though there are many classifications in engineering like
Aerospace Agricultural, Architectural Audio, Automotive, Biological, Biochemical, Biomedical, Broadcast, Building, officials, Ceramic, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Construction, Cryogenic, Electrical, Electronic, Environmental, Food, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Mining, Naval, Network, Nuclear, Optical, Petroleum, Radio, Frequency, Software, Structural Systems, Technician, Textile, Tissue, Transport.

My chips classify the subjects basically into-
• Civil engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Electronics engineering
• Chemical engineering
• Software engineering

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