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Paper presentation on networks and cryptography

Abstract of this communication paper-presentations : (networks and cryptography)
        The present century has been one of many scientific discoveries and technological advancements. With the advent of technology came the issue of security. As computing systems became more complicated, there was an increasing need for security. Network Security is becoming more and more crucial as the volume of data being exchanged on the Internet increases. Security is a broad topic and covers a multitude of sins. Malicious people trying to gain some benefit, get attention or to harm someone intentionally cause most security problems. Network security problems can be roughly divided into 4 closely intertwined areas. They are,

Privacy means that the sender and the receiver expect the confidentiality. The Transmitted message should make sense to only the intended receiver and to all others it is unintelligible.

Ensures that the sender and the receiver are who they are claiming to be

Data integrity:
Ensure that data is not changed from source to destination

Ensures that the sender has strong evidence that the receiver has received the message, and the receiver has strong evidence of the sender identity, strong enough such that the sender cannot deny that it has sent the message and the receiver cannot deny that it has received the message.

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