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About this computer paper-presentations : (bioinfomatics)
    Biometrics is the technique of using unique, non-transferable, physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, to gain entry for personal identification. This replaces pin codes and passwords, which can be forgotten, lost or stolen. Biometric IDs cannot be transferred.

Biometrics are best defined as measurable physiological and / or behavioral characteristics that can be utilized to verify the identity of an individual. They are of interest in any area where it is important to verify the true identity of an individual. Initially, these techniques were employed primarily in specialist high security applications, however we are now seeing their use and proposed use in a much broader range of public facing situations. Biometrics measure individuals' unique physical or behavioral characteristics to recognize or authenticate their identity. Common physical biometrics include fingerprints; hand or palm geometry; and retina, iris, or facial characteristics. Behavioral characters include signature, voice (which also has a physical component), keystroke pattern, and gait. Of this class of biometrics, technologies for signature and voice are the most developed. Now a days the biometrics technology is preferred by many organization for the security purpose and in coming future we will see the same technology in ATM machine, telephone transactions, internet transactions and so on.

Biometrics are not a future technology, they are a current technology, with a bigger role in the future. Biometrics will not to replace passwords, swipe cards, or pin numbers etc, rather work with them in enhancing security in a simple, reliable, and cost effective way.

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