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Information Theory Ebooks

Information theory is a branch of mathematics and engineering based on probability theory and statistics theory. Information theory has main applications in communication engineering, data analysis, neurobiology, psychology, electrical engineering and statistical inference. Information theory is a subject based on mathematical laws for deciding the state of data while transfered, stored and retrieved. Those state of data according to various types are bandwidth, noise, data transfer rate, storage capacity, propagation delay, resolution, distortion, dynamic range, etc.
Applications of information theory are there in ZIP files (Data compression), MP3 and channel coding, etc. Information theory has applications in artificial intelligence, adaptive systems, informatics, machine learning, complex systems and complexity science. In data encoding and error correction mechanism, information theory is used. In information theory quantities of information are entropy, random variable information and mutual information, etc. Coding theory is the major application of information theory. Coding theory is divided into source coding and channel coding.
In this posting i wish to provide you free information theory ebooks which guide you to learn the concept of information theory, information theory inference and algorithms, information theory and entropy and mathematical theory relating information theory, etc
Following are the free information theory ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize with information theory and its application.
  1. Discovering Information Systems - An Exploratory Approach View/Download
  2. Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms View/Download
  3. Algorithmic Information Theory View/Download
  4. A Short Course in Information Theory View/Download
  5. Primer in Information Theory View/Download
  6. Information, Randomness and Incompleteness View/Download
  7. A Discipline Independent Definition of Information View/Download
  8. An Introduction to Information Theory and Entropy View/Download
  9. A Mathematical Theory of Communication View/Download
  10. The limits of mathematics: A course on Information Theory and the limits of Formal Reasoning View/Download

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