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Communication Ebooks free: Information Retrieval

IR (Information Retrieval) is a science of searching and retrieving information or meta data from a document or database or world wide web. Information retrieval has its own applications in computer science. Automated Information retrieval systems are used for reducing information overloads. In search engines, data is retrieving more accurately and quickly by proper implementation of this Information retrieval theory. In information retrieval systems data are stored in the form of text, document, images or videos. When a user input queries for retrieving data, IR systems compare it with the data stored in the system and retrieve it quickly, accurately and with great relevance. Searching algorithms are used for this. In almost all Information Retrieval Systems, ranking of data is done with numerical values and according to the rank information is displayed.
Few open source Information Retrieval (IR) systems are Datapark Search, Lemur, MG full text retrieval System, Terrier, Zebra, Wumpus, Lucene and Zettair, etc. Some other information retrieval tools are ASPseek, iMacros, iHOP, MEDIE, Fluid Dynamics Search Engine, GalaTex, Information Storage and Retrieval using Mumps, Sphinx, Biospider and Info-PubMed etc.
In this posting, i wish to provide you free information retrieval ebooks which guide you to learn basics of information retrieval, mining the web and search engine information retrieving systems, etc.
Following are the free information retrieval ebooks downloads links. Visit these links and familiarize with information retrieval and its applications in world wide web with other domains.
  1. Introduction to Information Retrieval View/Download
  2. Information Retrieval: A Survey View/Download
  3. Information Retrieval: A Course of Nijmegen View/Download
  4. Information Retrieval: 2nd Edition View/Download
  5. Information Retrieval Interactions View/Download
  6. Information Retrieval Lecture Notes View/Download
  7. Mining the Web: Discovering Knowledge from Hypertext Data View/Download
  8. Modern Information Retrieval View/Download
  9. Information Retrieval Research View/Download
  10. Information Retrieval (LIT) View/Download
  11. Information Retrieval Projects View/Download

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