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Robot toy working with artificial intelligence technology

Artificial intelligence related project request keep flowing into our inbox right from the time we started the request form concept. This project here is about an Robot top that works with AI. So, we are trying to collect the best projects to list it for our visitors here. One such project is posted below a complete project PDF document attached with it, at the bottom. 

Here in this project the inventor Chang-bae has used one kind of joint motor to assemble and control the robot toy in various shapes. This toy is vary interesting and effective for our projects because, we students normally have that interest towards the robotics and robots that can change shapes. Adding more to this project details, here this probate includes a plurality of joint mechanism parts which are having ability to assemble and disassemble to various forms, it has a processor with one plurality joint mechanism, for the output part this control signal is connecting to another joint with pre-feed patterns and more such parts. 

The main objective of this project is to provide an AI, robotic toy and method of control that would vary the shape of the toy by requesting motions of the joints that are easily changeable and it also concentrates on reducing the number of parts used previously and reduce the time for changing the shape.

Download this complete project details in PDF:

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