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What is Square up, Why is it so much talked?

Square up: The credit card readers that plugs into your iPhones or Android mobiles

Now first of all, all the credits go to “square Inc.” which has come up with this very smart apps and device. Has anyone ever thought of having the credit card reader for yourself and making your formal or informal transactions so easy or simple? Am sure everyone would now have murmured “NO”. Fine let’s first see what this square is actually doing!

“Square” is an application which allows its user to accept credit cards and transacts money according to its customers’ need. This square was actually born from the brains of two people “Jim McKelvey”& “Jack Dorsey”.

Shown above is an IPhone with the square card reader plugged to its ear jack making a transaction. This square actually refers to the square card reader that is plugged to the phone. Now how does this all work together? Let’s see.
All that one needs to get started is just an iPhone or iPod touch or an iPod or one of the few android devices that supports this service. Along with it one has to get the card reader device which is of free of cost and the square apps which can be downloaded easily. Having all these ready in hand, one is all set to use the service right away! Yes this doesn’t have any monthly or termination fee.
Coming to how it works your “square” device gets recognized once you plug it into your mobile’s ear jack. Swipe your credit card (make the bar code or the magnetic part face the thicker part of the reader) and once it’s read successfully you can start the transaction. Enter the amount that needs to be transacted and after few authentication processes like signing etc. your amount will be transacted successfully and you’ll be getting intimation for the successful transaction.

Square provides two ways of transaction to its user with different charging fee. Either we can use the device to swipe our card or manually enter the values and proceed. It charges 2.75% for every swiped transaction and 3.50% plus $0.15 for every manually-entered transaction. It accepts all US-issued credit, debit or gift cards that have a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American express logo on it.
So get started with this cool service by registering yourself with square’s website to get the card reader free!

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