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Engineering project (ECE) : RFID in billing products.

Title: RFID check out at shopping malls.
Departments: ECE, Telecommunication, Communication engineering.
Can be used for: Practical purposes, application in stores, engineering projects.

About the project:
This material is originally from here. This project about development of a new and unique idea. We all have faced this problem in big shopping malls and stores where we all normally go for home needs or clothing. Being consumers, we all must have the experience of standing in long queue for getting our bills paid. ( Yes! i am talking about that same irritating moment.) So, here are two intelligent engineering students Jigar Shah and Kevin Yang. Helping us to change the trend with the help of their engineering and tech skills. They have built an simple yet powerful tool with RFID concept to resolve this problem! claiming that this system will help customers pay their bills just upon arrival to the billing counters, increase in satisfaction quotient and more.

The way today's super markets/ stores and billing counters working is on the barcode scanner. The customer will have to take her products to the counter, where a person will scan the bar codes and do the billings. this is traditional and this old. According to this project the products are scanned and billed with RFID concept! This project utilizes these RFID tags to automate the checkout process by building a system which will read all product's tags signals (RFID) which will be placed in close to the antenna coverage. This will have a very positive impact on the cost management, security and reduce human errors.

Credits: Jigar Shah and Kevin Yang.

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