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Finally diesel bikes in INDIA : Hero Honda diesel 400

Here is a good news for bike lovers, hero Honda is launching a very promising bike called hero Honda diesel 400, and the company is adopting some of the extremely best strategies like ARAI certification for making a great impression in Indian bike market. The launch of these bikes is planned in the next year and its assembly is done in the Dehradun unit. Globally there are only few good diesel bikes but there are many features in this bike to make it a very perfect diesel bike with an engine displacement of 400 cc.

The new Hero Honda Diesel 400 in India gives a mileage of 30 km per litre. Considering the heavy engine, a fuel efficiency of 30 is not bad at all. The new Hero Honda Diesel 400’s fuel tank capacity is 17 litres. Reserve 3.5 litres.

At a glance, the bike looks like it’s conveying a message when it comes to styling and calling out loud to be ridden given its powerful engine. It has the features of the Hunks and Karizmas, but definitely much more different and robust than the other bikes.

The new Hero Honda Diesel 400 in India would be run by a powerful, air-cooled, 400cc engine. Torque would be massive with speedy accelerations. It is to be seen how the company handles the vibration issues if any. Known for their reliable engines, this diesel version is considered more reliable with optimal performance.

We expect the new Hero Honda Diesel 400 to come with disc brakes both at the front and rear. One good thing Hero’s done here is the non-implementation of front disc and rear drum, which seems a bit conventional for new age bikers, especially given all the manufacturers do provide disc brakes for both wheels.
Hero Honda is a very popular company in India, there was a time in India where every second bike bought was a hero Honda bike. Recent proceedings said that the company is going to part into two different corporations called Hero Moto corps and Honda, but they are planning to work together until 2014.
Hero Moto Corp is now planning to launch a diesel bike run by a powerful air-cooled 400cc engine that incorporates DFI (direct fuel injection) technology. It’s expected to belt a max output of 30 bhp of power. The build of the bike is pretty aggressive with impressive body designs and would be rolling out with metallic finished body colors. There would be new graphics for the diesel bike with a more comfortable seating arrangement. The bike comes with alloy wheels and spokes aimed at better styling.
The price of the bike is estimated to be around 1.5 lakh. It’s really confusing as well as exiting for the Indian people to accept hero and Honda as two different companies but still people will recognize all their bikes as hero Honda only, moreover its marketing will also not be so difficult.
Furthermore, a diesel bike was what people were anticipating given the hike in fuel costs recently. Taking the economic situation currently prevailing in India, it’s a wise decision overall by Hero Moto Corp to be introducing a diesel bike with plans of releasing Hero Maestro (scooter) and Hero Impulse (another good bike) into the markets soon.

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