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ECE projects: Remote control for home appliances (Electronic projects)

Title: Remote control for home appliances (Electronic projects)
Departments: ECE projects, EEE projects, electronics engineering.
Can be used for: Hobby projects, Mini projects for engineering students.

This project was found while surfing the web. It was just brought into our knowledge by one our team member and found to be a valuable suggestion. This basic electronic project is purely application based project. This can be constructed to improved the normal everyday living experience of a normal person. This project is about a circuit that is to be attached to any home appliance in order to control it's working. The circuit given below can be easily constructed with the guidance given and this circuit must be attached to any home appliance. The total controlling can be done via our TV, VCD or DVD remote controller. The circuit will function from a 10 meter distance. This circuit was designed by S.Mohan. Tested and published by EFY.

Sample from the Project and circuit details: The amplified signal is fed to clock pin 14 of decade counter IC CD4017 (IC1). Pin 8 of IC1 is grounded, pin 16 is connected to Vcc and pin 3 is connected to LED1 (red), which glows to indicate that the appliance is ‘off.’

The output of IC1 is taken from its pin 2. LED2 (green) connected to pin 2  is used to indicate the ‘on’ state of the appliance. Transistor T2 (BC548) connected to pin 2 of IC1 drives relay RL1. Diode 1N4007 (D1) acts as a freewheeling diode. The appliance to be controlled is connected between the pole of the relay and neutral terminal of mains. It gets connected to live terminal of AC mains via normally opened (N/O) contact when the relay energizes.

Download this electronics ece project 

Remote control for home appliances details here:

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