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BE projects: Wireless mobile charing device projects

Title: Wireless mobile charing device projects
Departments: ECE projects, EEE projects, Electronics engineering, electrical engineering.
Can be used for: Application oriented projects, final year engineering projects.

This concept wordless mobile charging is one of the most commonly though and dreamt project for most of the young minds. Though researches are going on, in this particular topic by various technology giants across the globe, Still there is no standard device released. So this makes this topic more interesting for projects and try outs. Mostly when it comes wireless charging of electronic devices it falls under this branch called the "Inductive charging". Inductive charging uses the EMF to transfer energy between two objects wirelessly. This method basically has two coils. One as the transmitter and the other as a receiver coil. The transmitter is connected to the usual power source and the receiver is connected to the charging unit of the electronic device. Thus the principle can be explained in a simpler way.
Paper invented by Melvin J. Sarnowsky et al is attached at the bottom

Learn the basics of wireless charging here: 

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Wireless power transmission projects
Wireless charging projects

Sample of the project details attached:  In view of the above, the present invention is directed to a device for providing power to a portable device, wherein the device includes a base housing having a circumferential outer extent configured to fit within a cup holder in a vehicle and a longitudinal axis and wherein the base housing includes a base, and a top housing having a top surface and a front lip and wherein the top surface is angled relative to the longitudinal axis between being parallel to the longitudinal axis and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis and wherein the top surface is closer to the base proximate to the front lip than the top surface is to the base remote from the front lip. The device further includes a primary charging unit including a charging circuit and a primary coil for inductively providing power.

Download this engineering project details here:

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