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Mechanical engineering project: Turbine blade vibration detection apparatus

Title: Turbine blade vibration detection apparatus.
Departments: Mechanical, energy, aeronautical.
Can be used for: For mechanical engineering projects, Mech paper presentations, Blade error deception study and more.

This project was spotted in google while search for a good project for error detection in the turbine blades. This project was found to be old but every good with the information in it. Young students can use this paper for the study on this topic and use it for their improvements. This project has some good demand among the mechanical engineers, because we get the request on this paper very often. The basic description of this paper can be like, The device has two or more very narrow beam radar sensors. The sensors are the main core of this apparatus, they are positioned to direct their radar signal towards a predetermined blade row. A id circuit is provided for each blade row having as associated radar sensor for providing an output count indicative of respective blade for the radar sensor. All this sensors are controlled by a computer where all the analysis are performed. 

Download this Turbine blade mechanical engineering paper:

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