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How to: Improve your marks/grades at engineering classes ?

This might sound ridiculous for engineering grads! right? Yeah, still there are students who want their marks and grades to top the chart at least to boost their level of confidence and hit scholarships. It has been a part of student’s life to constantly complaint that we deserve better grades that what we have got, sometimes we also complaint that the professor has been partial to others, but in most of the cases it’s not true. There are ways to make a professor feel special about our answer sheets. Here are some tips to make changes to our grades.

1. Firstly you may ask your professor to give you a grade review, every time when the professor read a answer paper second time while evaluating, it means that he is giving a special attention to it, you must make your professor feel that your answer sheet need that attention. But before asking your professor for a grade review make sure that you have followed all the instructions given by the professor and in the syllabus, else you don’t have any basis to ask that extra consideration from him.

2. Make sure that the change in the grade is worth the risk that you are going to take because it involves your reputation with which you will demand for opportunities in future. Suppose the grade change is not going to do any good to your total average then better ignore the idea of changing your grade.

3. Mostly make an appointment with your professor to discuss your issues regarding the grades, you may also ask suggestions from him to avoid this kind of grades in future. You must avoid discussion with your teacher during class hours because he may be busy with other things and ignore your problem. The best thing is to take a private word with him.

4. Make necessary preparations for the meeting, provide evidences from notes or from books for answers your feel that you need more marks, by this you can make the professor to reconcile your grades.

5. The meeting must be very professional and mind the language that you are using don be very rude and give open statements like “I think you treat me unfairly” or “I deserve more marks than this” etc.

6. Make sure that this meeting will not affect your future exams and other papers that you are yet to receive.

7. Highlight specific areas and demand explanations as what went in wrong those areas, so as to avoid such kind of mistakes in future.

8. If nothing of the above mentioned steps work out the last thing that you could do is to complain to the higher committees, but this will work only in situations where the paper actually deserves because usually one professor would not make changes to the work done by other professor.

Good luck, for your better grades and marks. Make sure that all the above steps are just to improve your grades by maintaining proper respect and relationship with the concern.

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