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Engineering mathematics study materials (most wanted topics)

Engineering mathematics is the topic for the day! Hello engineers is a space for all the engineering students to visit and get educational stuff for them to get better. There was some period where we had this bad practice of sharing pirated book and stuff, but now that part is clearly understood to be the most bad part of this blog. Still we get a lot of requests for the reader and students for some technical book and study materials! As we are planning to never do "pirated book sharing" mistake anymore. We had to do some special work to collect the study materials for you guys. These are some of the most wanted class room note and study materials for the subject "Engineering mathematics". We have not brought the complete syllabus of course, but these subject matter were demanded in particular.

As mathematics is one of the most important subject in engineering. Understanding the concepts of that is one most important work of an engineering student. So from that view and also from the context of the examinations these materials would be very useful for you! Hope you enjoy them too. We have provided proper links for downloading them.

Sample from the tutorial and screen shots: Differential Equations
The subject of ordinary differential equations encompasses such a large eld that you can make a profession of it. There are however a small number of techniques in the subject that you have to know. These are the ones that come up so often in physical systems that you not need both the skills to use them and the intuition about what they will do. That small group of methods is what I'll concentrate on in this chapter.

Download the material for differential equations:
Download the material for partial fractions:
Download the material for Linear algebra:
Download the material for De Moivre's theorem:

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