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Cluster computing ppt paper presentations

Title: Cluster computing
Departments: Computer science, Information technology, engineering.
Can be used for: Educational purpose, paper presentations, seminars, preparing documentations.

This paper on "Cluster computing" is mainly prepared for the young engineering students from the computer science background. This ppt was collected from the internet and found to have rich information which are collected and properly drafted from various IEEE papers and journals. This cluster computing is not a topic that is so much popular among the students. This term is more likely to be heard among the working class than the student community. Still this topic is considered to be one of the important topic and the mark scope is high at many cases too. This cluster computing, is defined as, a computer cluster is a group of loosely coupled computers  that seem to work like a single unit computer. This is like gathering many smaller units of computers to form a giant super computer for various higher hand applications. This kind os computers are working in the same wire and high speed Local area network. So the data transfer between them is very easy at higher rates. This cluster computing is found to be cost effective over the giant super computing because if the availability of cheaper microprocessor and high speed data connection networks. Bigger companies like IBM, Sun microsystem, Microsoft are now manufacturing this cluster computing systems in better, improved ways and also said to offer scalability in the future. This concept of cluster computing is highly cost effective than the parallel computing at scientific applications.

Sample from this computer science paper presentation: System level Parallelism It is the parallelism of multiple nodes coordinating to work on a problem in parallel that gives the cluster its power. There are other levels at which even more parallelism can be introduced into this system. For example if we decide that each node in our cluster will be a multi CPU system we will be introducing a fundamental degree of parallel processing at the node level. Having more than one network interface on each node introduces communication channels that may be used in parallel to communicate with other nodes in the cluster. Finally, if we use multiple disk drive controllers in each node we create parallel data paths that can be used to increase the performance of I/O subsystem. Software Parallelism Software parallelism is the ability to find well defined areas in a problem we want to solve that can be broken down into self-contained parts. These parts are the program elements that can be distributed and give us the speedup that we want to get out of a high performance computing system. Before we can run a program on a parallel.. "

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