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Automobile engineering projects: Disc brake system with ABS technology

Title: Disc brake system with ABS
Departments: Automobile engineering, Brake system designing.
Can be used for: Final year engineering projects, Automobile engineering paper presentations.

This projects is posted as a reply for the request from our regular reader an engineering student from INDIA. He actually wanted a final year automobile engineering project idea. He wanted to do a project on the braking system in the vehicles. Doing a project and paper on this topic is really a good idea. We know that ABS braking system stand for Anti-lock bracing system is a german technology that is now widely employed in most of the vehicles. This technology is to prevent the wheel skidding by the wheel continuing to interact tractively with the surface of the road as directed by the driver. So, now according to the project here, An ABS system will have two axially sliceable discs and four pads that are biased to have light random contact in the off brake position. The brake operator, operates the brake pads with about one half of the usual brake pressure and about double the number of usual braking and releasing cycles. So due to this effect of pads and discs, the pads have reduced residual torque drag during the break release cycle and have reduced hysteresis.

Sample form this automobile engineering project: Typically, production vehicles, such as automobiles having a Automatic Braking System (ABS) employ a single brake disc fixed to the wheel hub and a sliding brake caliper mounted on a suspension member of the vehicle. Operation of a brake foot pedal by the operator with excessive force is sensed by a sensor, and a deceleration of the wheel is sensed by a wheel position or speed sensor mounted adjacent the wheel. The wheel speed sensor particularly monitors for front wheel locking up while in the braking condition with  its loss of steerability and its longer stopping distance. The stopping distance of the vehicle may be made shorter if the wheels are operated iteratively at a low slip rather than a longer, fully locked or skid condition. The brake caliper is preferably operated at a high brake torque "apply" rate to  increase brake torque for quick response. Additionally, caliper preferably is operated at a "high release" rate to decrease brake torque for quick response when the condition of lock-up is sensed as about to begin to allow the wheel to accelerate to a velocity approaching the vehicle velocity.
Download this Automobile project (Disc brake with ABS system) here :

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