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Artificial Intelligence : paper presentation and project

Title: Human Artificial Intelligence Machine
Department: Computer science, Robotics, Artificial intelligence.
Can be used for: Paper presentations, Seminars, Artificial intelligence research and more.

This paper that is under topic of artificial intelligence is invented by the Mitchell Kwok. This paper presentation topic can also be used for the research and project purposes. This is one of the finest paper presentation for the students who are interested in the topic of robotic and artificial intelligence because of the method of dealing to the main topics. The paper basically defines the method of creating human artificial intelligence in machines and computer software is presented. This method will also help in using the human reasoning, though and behavior. The present invention serves as a universal artificial intelligence program  that can store, retrieve, predict the future and modify any data in a way similar to the human beings. 

Sample of the Artificial intelligence paper presentation : The present invention, also known as the human artificial intelligence program acts like a human brain because it stores, retrieve, and modify information similar to human beings. The function of the HAI program is to predict the future using data from memory. For example, human beings can answer questions because they can predict the future. They can anticipate what will eventually happen during an event based on events they learned in the past. The human artificial intelligence program comprises: an artificial intelligent computer program repeats itself in a single for-loop to receive information, calculate an optimal pathway from memory, and taking action; a 3-D storage area to store all data received by said artificial intelligent program; and a long-term memory used by said artificial intelligent program The main for-loop in said artificial intelligent program comprises the steps of: entering said for-loop; receiving input from the environment in a frame by frame format or movie sequence called the current pathway; using the image processor and other functions to generate an initial encapsulated tree for said current pathway, searching for said current pathway in memory and finding the closest matches; calculating the future pathway of the matches found in memory and determining the optimal pathway to follow; generating an optimal encapsulated tree for said current pathway; storing said current pathway in the optimal pathway and self-organizing said current pathway with the data in a computer storage area called memory; following the future pathway of the optimal pathway, exiting said for-loop; and repeating said for-loop from the beginning.

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