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AIEEE 2012 all important dates and application details


1)  Dates of AIEEE 2012 examination:a. Date of Examination (Off-line) --> 29.04.2012
b. Date of Examination (On-line) --> 07-05-2012 to 26-05-2012 
c. Online submission of application on website --> 15.11.2011 to 31.12.2011 

2) Last date for applications:a. Online submission of applications 31.12.2011 
b. Receipt of complete confirmation page with bank 
draft “by post” (Registered/Speed Post only) at AIEEE Unit, CBSE, 
PS 1-2, Institutional Area, IP Extension, Patparganj, Delhi – 110092 

3) Date of dispatch of Admit Card:
 10.03.2012 to 31.03.2012 

4) Issue/dispatch of duplicate Admit Card: 
(on request only with fee of Rs. 50/- + postal charges of Rs. 30/- extra for out station candidate). 07.04.2012 to 28.04.2012 (by hand) 
11.04.2012 to 20.04.2012 
(by post) 

5) Dates of Examination for off line examination:PAPER – 1 29.04.2012 0930-1230 hrs* 
PAPER – 2 29.04.2012 1400-1700 hrs* 

6) Centre of Examination:
 As indicated on the Admit Card

7) Declaration of Results:
 On or before 15.06.2012 

8) Dispatch of Score Cards:
 21.06.2012 to 05.07.2012 

9) Issue/Dispatch of duplicate score cards:(on request only with fee of Rs. 50/-. Postal charges of Rs. 30/- extra for outstation candidate) 
 10.07.2012 to 30.09.2012 

10) Materials to be brought on the day of examination:Admit Card and Ball Point Pen of good quality. 
For Aptitude Test in Architecture, the candidates are advised to bring their own Card Board, geometry box set, pencils, erasers and colour pencils or crayons.

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