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Wireless braking system developed with 99.999999999997% reliability

"We personally recon our readers, form the related stream of subjects (like Mechanical, Communication and Automobile) to read this article and implement these ideas and try for better results. 
We've all been through the revolution happening from the wired technology to the modern wireless tech and most of these changes make us feel good and comfortable. But, these successful changes in the technological adoptions never made us or our scientists content. The question "Why isn't this wireless?" started to raise, when we see every wired object.  This dexterousness has made it possible to invent a new product called "The Wireless braking system". Most of our communication devices like phones and internet have shifted from the wired technology into the newer wireless technology and still there are certain simple but most essential places where improvements aren't made. One such application of wireless technology is the latest, wireless braking system.

While wireless technology is the trend, why still most companies are struck to wired ones?
It's because of the less battery intensive needs. The wireless systems need heavy duty batteries and also the wires ensure the reliability of the communication between the two ends.

Overcoming all these drawbacks and succeeding.
"Wireless technology are never a fail-safe method", says Professor Holger Hermanns of saraband University. Yes, he is the man who's been taking up all the challenges in developing this concept.

Where is this concept implemented? and what is the visionary of this project?
This wireless braking system are implements and tested in the bikes and found to be safe. actually the team are working on developing the protocols and systems for more complicated and mission critical systems for trains, airplanes and more.

How this barking systems works? 
The barking systems implements in these bikes are working with the two block systems. The system is a disc brake, actuated remotely by a pressure-sensitive grip. The harder you squeeze, the more braking force you apply at the wheel. The braking command is sent simultaneously by a number of transmitters to reduce the chance of a lost signal.

Efficiency of this project:
This projects done by Hermanns is proved to be 99.999999999997%  reliable. Thats is "This implies that out of a trillion braking attempts, we have three failures". that is an mind boggling result right?.

Any drawback found?
Not to be stated as drawbacks, Judging by the picture of the prototype, the wordless technology is in need of some heavy duty batteries and actuators.

Conclusion of this new technology? 
The latest invention of the concepts called "wireless braking systems" is basically an extraordinary attempt. The efficiency and outcome are studied to be 99.999999999997 percent. The vision of this project is amazing, because they have planned to implement this in the more complex position.

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