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Google chrome killing Mozilla firefox ?

Chrome is the fastest web browser introduced by Google. chrome loads the website in lightning speed and performance, by which it captured the current market and it beat the leading browser firefox which dominated the other web browser

. Firefox  The recent update from StatCounter is, chrome point is increasing 1 percent in a month rather firefox point is decreasing 0.4 percent. Google chrome ranks first in java script speed test compared with other browsers also Google chrome is the best browser for performance and usability. Chrome captured the market recently by biting the fox, chromes share is steadily increasing in the market at the same time fox losing its strength day by day.

Google introduced chrome with a touching advertisement, that shows father creating a digital time capsule for his young daughter by browsing the chrome. This particular advertisement is the cause for capturing the market in a short period of time.  Google chromes Beta version is much more faster than expected and the installation is seamless, chrome looks very simple like the google home page and shows only the tab not the browser like the firefox. Chrome is a user friendly browser, added with many features  better than    Fox, this scared the fox to survive in the market.

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