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From IT to Health care : Career switching tips

This is an article for people who want to change their career from IT and to enter into the healthcare field, some of the basic essential things that a person must do to enter as a “healthcare IT guy” is as follows,
Firstly he could try to get an internship in a local hospital to know the various procedures involving the admission and discharge of a patient; he should also know how to take care of the patient actually. The person must also understand the workflow of an IT guy to perform better or he may also work under an independent doctor for a while to get some experience.

Secondly familiarizing with open source hospital information systems like hospital information system, physician management system is very important to show that his knowledge is applicable for all such systems, being an IT guy he may also add some codes to the s/w to prevent bugs etc to show his own expertise, suppose if not from IT he could show his expertise by improving documentation and training materials.
Next thing that can be done is to find out the places where various IT systems are meeting and attend those meetings, where ones expertise can be offered to others there by making others to know that he/she is looking for a job as a health consultant.

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