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Biometrics paper presentations

Abstract of this biometric paper-presentation:
While paper presentation is your need for reasons like event and college level competitions, you might need an topic which should attract the eyes of the judges and audience by itself. This biometric papers have this ability to draw attention because most of the engineers are having some higher level of curiosity  towards this topic. So, what we suggest from this is, If you are just planning to select a topic for a new competition and if topic is related to your educational subjects like computer science, security or image processing. You can very well choose the Biometrics as your topic.

Biometrics is seen by many as a solution to a lot of the user identification and security problems in today‘s networks. Password abuse and misuse, intentional and inadvertent is a gaping hole in network security. This results mainly from human error, carelessness and in some cases maliciousness. Biometrics removes human error from the security equation.
Our paper will examine all the technological and feasibility aspects as well as the practical applications. We will look at many different biometric methods of identifying the user.

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