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Open source OS Ubuntu : Advantages and Disadvantages

This is an article about one of the most popular Operating system that every geek or engineer will wish to try, So I've tried to discuss some advantages and disadvantages about this open source material, here are some top reasons why someone should try or not try Ubuntu. So the other way of naming this article could be pros and cons of the UBUNTU

Firstly, Hardware recognition provided by Ubuntu is really good. its best suited for almost all pc’s and even for virtual environments, but the best thing to do is to test the os before installing it.
Secondly it will not be a great deal for a person to switch from windows to Ubuntu because the graphical interface is indispensable, but sometimes u may also feel gypped when you are searching for software to unzip and install it, this problem can be easily solved using online help provided by Ubuntu.
Thirdly for every six month there is a new version of Ubuntu releasing with several updated features, plus the security provided by it is also good so it can help you in performing better, above all root account of Ubuntu is disabled by default so it cannot be affected that easily like in Linux.
Since it is open source, “” will help you in case of any kind of discrepancies in free of cost unlike in windows.
Internet support provided by Ubuntu is really good “” provides you with all kinds of tips tricks etc to improvise our experience, more over the purchase options over updates are optional, no need to pay money forcefully on update cycles.

Ubuntu is an open source; hence it is free who doesn’t like anything for free? Moreover it provides many free applications to choose, which can be easily downloaded.

Ubuntu is easy  to use since it is well documented, all the searches can be performed easily, also we can create dual boot using Ubuntu without facing any troubles mostly windows, Linux dual boot is much of a trouble where as Ubuntu is easy to partition and share with other os.

Ubuntu provides integrated software upgrade tool which runs in the background to provide updating for system stuffs and also for installed application, Ubuntu also provides several tools like “easy Ubuntu” to install everything right from video drivers to flash browser plug in etc.

Ubuntu apart from all is very appealing to eyes because it provides several features like desktop transparency, wobbly windows etc.

Ubuntu is a good operating system with several appealing features; Ubuntu is capable of providing a good user experience, congratulation to the team which is responsible for bringing this os!

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