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Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS)

Abstract of this mechanical paper-presentation:
“Micromechatronic is the synergistic integration of microelectromechanical systems, electronic technologies and precision mechatronics with high added value.”

This field is the study of small mechanical devices and systems .they range in size from a few microns to a few millimeters. This field is called by a wide variety of names in different parts of the world: micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS), micromechanics, Microsystems technology (MST), micro machines .this field which encompasses all aspects of science and technology, is involved with things one smaller scale. Creative people from all technical disciplines have important contributions to make.
Welcome to the micro domain, a world now occupied by an explosive new technology known as MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical systems), a World were gravity and inertia are no longer important, but the effects of atomic forces and surface science dominate.

MEMS are the next logical step in the silicon revolution. The silicon revolution began over three decades ago; with the introduction of the first integrated circuit .the integrated circuit has changed virtually every aspect of our lives. The rapid advance in number of transistors per chip leads to integrated circuit with continuously increasing capability and performance. As time has progressed, large, expensive, complex systems have been replaced by small, high performance, inexpensive integrated circuits.
MEMS is a relatively new technology which exploits the existing microelectronics infrastructure to create complex machines with micron feature sizes .these machines can have many functions, including sensing, communication and actuation. Extensive application of these devices exists in both commercial and defense systems.

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