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Extra money making tips, part time jobs for engineering students (Without disturbing your academics)

Hello Engineers! This post is exclusively for a few of my regular reader. In the recent times, I received more than 15 mails requesting some tips and true ways to work online and make money. The first thing I felt while making this article was "Thank God, INDIAN students are finally awake and now aware of not loosing their money to some stupid, scam agency. Who'd easily cheat them and vacate. 
Something i was able to study from these requests was, more than 40% was from ladies. This made me realize that there is going to be more lady entrepreneurs from the technical base very soon in INDIA!!

A Cautious thing for an engineer is :
It is true that most of the engineering students are wanting to earn while they are studying. Though this is common among all the young ones. being an engineering student, you might have this special concern of lossing your concentration on the subject and decline your high scores. today i have given a list of ways by which you could make money easily while you are gaining knowledge.

To avoid these decline in academics and still earn some good money:
These are a few online jobs which are on external links. goto these link and read their instructions and TOS completely before joining. If you have any more doubts feel free to ask!

  • Work as moderators: If you have a habit of staying online for most of your free time. Just try to apply and get a good moderator job at a top forum (like Crazyengineers and more).
  • You must have visited this site for some book and stuff. But this site give people such a good opportunity to earn money. You can post information like exams, syllabus, jobs, projects and easily earn.
  • This is another social networking site. the special thing about this site is the feature of money making. if you make more friends and share more data here, you'll have the possibility of money making.

Most recommended! (Personal wish list for my readers) :

  • Write technical articles: If you are good in english (Need not be an Master). Write some tech articles and post on article directories (Click here to get a list of top directories).
  • Work with Google Adsense and Blogging: This is the most sensible and elegant way to make decent money. Because you are earning from "GOOGLE". If you are interested in this just start doing it.
  • Work @ Hello-engineers: You can work for our blog and earn a few bugs too! If you wanna know more details mail me at
If you are very much interested: In this type of earning and want to learn more ways to earn money in the right way without getting cheated by any 3rd party. 

Contact to learn money making by Adsense and more !

SMS to : 09962209165
These guys will teach you the perfect way to make money online, without spoiling much of our engineering time.

If you have anymore doubts feel free to comment below! waiting for your response..

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