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Energy saving gadget: Switch plug

Switch plug is a new and simple idea of some extraordinary brain. This tool looks simple and amazing effective. i found this article just while surfing my favorite sites. Found this to have a quality and trend to make a share to our engineers. 
This seems simple but actually this can be really a valid and welcome topic for people searching for some different seminar and presentation topics too. try using this and also add your own personal touch to this idea. 
Think different, stand unique !
Take one look at this Switch Plug and you’ll immediately see its value. Plug it in while the switch is in its off position, and there’s less of a chance of sparks or shocks.
Once you plug it in, flip the switch and its LEDs light up, reminding you that there’s energy flowing through that plug, perhaps encouraging you to turn it off when not in use. Our only quibble: those LEDs better draw very little power, lest they defeat the Switch Plug’s energy-saving purpose.
Designer Gonglue Jiang, currently studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, is onto something with this design concept. The idea could be especially useful if the technology were installed on those AC adapters that act like vampires, suck sucking power 24/7, even when you’re not using the device to which they’re attached.
This is not Jiang’s first encounter with plugs — he also created this colorful design he calls “Infinite USB,” giving you the ability to daisychain USB plugs, solving that problem of the reduced number of USB ports on many laptops:

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