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Basics of electronic : Video training

This can be a real need for any beginner in this subject called 'Electronics' because all concept in the   subject need real good understanding to lay a strong and good base for building some greater concepts. so i found this video training while surfing the net as usual. try making use of this material for educational purpose and strengthen your basics.

If you really think you are strong in the basics and you don need this video, try sharing this with your juniors and students too. 

UCanDo: Electronic Training - DVD204 Power Supplies
English | 56 Mins | 720x480 | MPEG4 | 29.97fps 781kbps | MP3 128kbps | 364MB
Genre: eLearning

The Basic Electronic training series consists of six (6) computer animated DVDs. Each DVD may be purchased individually, or you may purchase them as a set. The choice is yours. Each DVD title comes with its own question-answer workbook to assist you in gaining the most from this valuable training.

Power Supplies:

All electronic devices use some form of power to support and operate the circuitry. This exciting training DVD takes an in depth look into the operating characteristics of a typical AC to DC power supply. You will examine rectifying circuits, filter circuits, regulator circuits, crow bar circuits and more. DVD204 concludes with troubleshooting tips that are applicable to any power supply. 56 Min. 

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