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Signals and Systems using MATLAB

Signals and Systems using MATLAB - Luis Chaparro
Acad emic Press 1 edition (October 14, 2010) | ISBN: 0123747163 | 245 pages | PDF | 6 MB

This new textbook in Signals and Systems provides a pedagogically-rich approach to what can oftentimes be a mathematically 'dry' subject. Chaparro introduces both continuous and discrete time systems, then covers each separately in depth. Careful explanations of each concept are paired with a large number of step by step worked examples. With features like historical notes, highlighted 'common mistakes,' and applications in controls, communications, and signal processing, Chaparro helps students appreciate the usefulness of the techniques described in the book. Each chapter contains a section with Matlab applications.

* pedagogically rich introduction to signals and systems using historical notes, pointing out 'common mistakes,' and relating concepts to realistic examples throughout to motivate learning the material
*introduces both continuous and discrete systems early, then studies each (separately) in more depth later
*extensive set of worked examples and homework assignments, with applications to controls, communications, and signal processing throughout
*provides review of all the background math necessary to study the subject
*Matlab applications in every chapter


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