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Differential and Integral Calculus

Philip Franklin, “Differential and Integral Calculus”
Dover Publications | 1972 | ISBN: B000KYSC2Y | 703 pages | DJVU | 24 MB

This book is designed to serve as a basic but full introduction to the field of differential and integral calculus. It is a fine textbook for a two or three-semester course, especially as it contains review material on trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic fUnctions and highlights of plane and solid analytic geometry-prerequisites which may not have been previously covered by the student.

It is equally valuable as supplementary reading for classwork or as a self-instruction text. After establishing the basis for differential calculus in the first chapter, the author moves quickly to the discussion of integration of pOwer functions, leaving the more complex study of the definite integral regarded as the limit of a summation until later in the book. Among Other topics covered are parametric funCtions, force components in polar coordinates, Duhamel's theorem, extrema of functions of two or more variables, methods and applicalions of integration, infinite series, Taylor'S series, and multiple integrals. A chapter on vectors and surfaces in space is in line with the most modern approach to undergraduate teaching.

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