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Micro processor 8085 paper presentation

The features of INTEL 8085 are :
It is an 8 bit processor.
It is a single chip N-MOS device with 40 pins.
It has multiplexed address and data bus.(AD0-AD7).
It works on 5 Volt dc power supply.
The maximum clock frequency is 3 MHz while minimum frequency is 500kHz.
It provides 74 instructions with 5 different addressing modes.
It provides 16 address lines so it can access 2^16 =64K     bytes of memory.
It generates 8 bit I/O address so it can access 2^8=256 input ports.
It provides 5 hardware interrupts:TRAP, RST 5.5, RST 6.5, RST 7.5,INTR.
It provides Acc ,one flag register ,6 general purpose registers and two special purpose registers(SP,PC).
It provides serial lines SID ,SOD.So serial peripherals can be interfaced with 8085 directly.

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