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Top 6 information about TCS

Almost every engineering student who does aspire to get into the IT industry in INDIA makes his dream company as TCS. The TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES. we have collected some information about this booming company, recently!

  • India's largest IT services company by revenue, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), last week posted its 'best ever quarter' reporting a 32 per cent increase in net profit at Rs 2,169 crore, and buoyed by increased outsourcing demand. 
  • The largest Indian IT employer also raised its hiring target for the next few quarters to meet the renewed demand in the US and European markets. The company now plans to add another 20,000 people, taking the total intake to 50,000 this fiscal alone. 

Here is a look at the employee make-up of TCS, which includes number of its foreign employees, women employees, their average experience, average age, and more.

1. How many TCS employees are Indian?
The company's 92.9% of workforce is Indian. The company has associates from 88 nationalities.

2. What is the total employee base of TCS?
Country's largest IT services provider has total 174,417 employees. Of this 1,53168 are TCS employees and 21,249 are from subsidiaries.

3. How many TCS employees are nationals of other countries?
The company's 6.7% workforce is from other countries. With employees from 88 different nationalities, these include Argentina: 2.5%; Mexican: 9.1%; American: 12.5%; Chinese: 10.2%; Brazilian: 6.8%; Uruguayan: 8.1%; Ecudarion: 13.2%; Hungarian: 5.3%; Chilean: 13.1%; Colombian: 2.3%; British: 5.4%; Other 11.6%

4. How many employees left TCS in the July-Sept quarter?
During the second quarter of the current fiscal (2010-11), TCS made gross addition of 19,293 employees and Net addition of 10,717. This means that around 8,576 employees quit the company during the quarter.

The company's attrition rate stood at 14.1 (LTM), including BPO. The utilisation rate excluding trainees is 83.8% and including trainess is 77.7%

5. How many women does TCS employ?
30.4% of company's workforce is women. This means TCS has over 50,000-strong women employees.

6. How many freshers TCS plans to hire?
The company which visited 370 institutes for campus hiring last year, plans to visit more campuses this time. TCS announced that it will make 30,000 campus offers this year from about 20,000 last year.

7. What is the average age of a TCS employee?
The average age of TCS employees is 28 years.

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