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Single Electron Transistor

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Single Electron Transistor

What are Transistors
What is a SET
Operation of SETs
Application of SETs
How do  SETs differ from Conventional

A transistor is a solid state semiconductor device which can be used for numerous purposes including signal modulation, amplification, voltage stabilization, and many others. Transistors act like a variable valve which, based on its input current (BJT) or input voltage (FET), allow a precise amount of current to flow through it from the circuit’s voltage supply.

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Single electron transistor
Modern techniques of lithography make it possible to confine electrons to sufficiently small dimensions that the quantization of both their charge and their energy are easily observable. When such confined electrons are allowed to tunnel to metallicle ads a single electron transistor (SET) is created. This transistor turns on and off again every time one electron is added to the isolated region. Whereas we can understand conventional transistors using classical concepts, the SET is quantum mechanical in an essential way. In fact, there is a close analogy between the confined electrons inside an SET and an atom. In this review, the physics underlying the operation of SETs is explained, a brief history of its invention is presented, and issues of current interest are discussed.

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