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Bluetooth technology, paper presentations

Abstract of this computer paper-presentations : (Bluetooth technology)
 Bluetooth Technology Overview
Bluetooth is a Radio Frequency (RF) specification for short-range, point-to-point and point-to-multi-point voice and data transfer. Bluetooth will enable users to connect to a wide range of computing and telecommunications devices without the need for proprietary cables that often fall short in terms of ease-of-use. The technology represents an opportunity for the industry to deliver wireless solutions that are ubiquitous across a broad range of devices. The strength and direction of the underlying Bluetooth standard will ensure that all solutions meet stringent expectations for ease-of-use and interoperability.

Bluetooth, named for Denmark's first Christian king and not a dire dental condition, is the name of a technology specification for small form factor, low-cost, short-range radio links between PCs, handhelds, mobile phones, and other computing and electronic devices. The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) is an industry group consisting of leaders in the telecommunications and computing industries that are driving development of the technology and bringing it to market. Over 2000 companies have executed the Bluetooth adopter’s agreement and are members of the Bluetooth SIG.

Bluetooth technology provides a 10-meter personal bubble that supports simultaneous transmission of both voice and data for multiple devices.
Bluetooth wireless technology is designed to be as secure as a wire with up to 128-bit public/private key authentication, and streaming cipher up to 64-bit based on A5 security. The encryption strength can be very robust which is good for establishing a secure link, but there may be export problems when shipping from the US. Different hardware with smaller encryption key lengths may be required to meet US export controls.

One of the goals of the Bluetooth SIG is to make wireless connections easy and simple to use. To ensure the best possible customer Bluetooth experience as well as interoperability with other Bluetooth devices, the Bluetooth SIG is developed a logo program, which validates compliance with the published Bluetooth specification as well as interoperability with other Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth devices that successfully complete the Bluetooth testing criteria have the right to bear the official Bluetooth logo.

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