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Paper on image processing

Consists of two primary components:
Hardware – Image acquisition system, computer, and display devices
Software – Image manipulation(操作), analysis, and processing

ØOptical (光學) image : Collection of spatially distributed (空間分佈) light energy measured by an image sensor to generate I(r,c)
ØMatrix: 2-D array like the image model,
ØVector: One row or column in a matrix

Opening (斷開): It consists of an erosion followed by a dilation (先侵蝕再膨脹)

It can be used to eliminate all pixels in regions that are too small to contain the structuring element (可去除小到無法包含結構元素之區域內之所有像素)

In this case the structuring element is often called a probe, as it is probing the image looking for small objects to filter out of the image

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