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Paper on Brushless DC motor

Shift-by-Wire is about replacing the mechanical link between the automatic transmission and the shift lever with an electromechanical system. This will make new safety functions possible and assist the driver in other ways. To do this, an actuator with a brushless DC motor is built into the transmission. It controls the position of the shift valve, which decides the driving position. This thesis concerns the controlling of the brushless DC motor. This is done by programming a shift control unit with a Motorola HC12 microcontroller. The performance of the motor is then tested and evaluated.

Keywords: Brushless DC motor, Shift-by-Wire, Automatic transmission, Hall sensors, Pulse width modulation.

By applying the potent combination of BLDC technology and DSP technology, OEM’s can bring to their customers innovative and advanced features. Applications which were cost prohibitive for the consideration of BLDC motors just a few years ago are not only viable today but also are thriving on the competitive advantages brought forward by the BLDC technology. Conversely if OEM’s ignore the advantages of technology, they run the risk of being over taken by their competition.

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