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More investment in energy-saving technology needed, says CCC

The UK government has been called upon to do more to support the research and development of new energy-saving technology.

A report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has stated that investment in areas such as offshore wind development, marine power and smart grids must be maintained if the UK is to hit carbon reduction targets.

It suggested that a relaxation of support could cause a number of these new developments to slide into a "valley of death", which will prevent the innovations from ever reaching the mass market.

The CCC therefore called on politicians to set out a clear strategy of future development until 2050, which will ensure public funding for the sector in the long term.

Professor Julia King, member of the CCC, said: "We would expect UK firms to take leading roles in the development of key technologies, driving down emissions to meet carbon budgets and targets, and fulfilling the new government´s clear objective to build a low-carbon economy."

This comes after figures from Eurostat last week revealed that the UK is currently lagging behind the rest of Europe in terms of the amount of energy it generates from renewable sources.

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