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Nonmetals (Periodic Table of the Elements)

PDF | 224 pages | 0816073678 | 15.4Mb
Nonmetals (Periodic Table of the Elements) /by Monica Halka (Author), Brian Nordstrom (Editor). Materials that are poor conductors of electricity are generally considered nonmetals. One important use of nonmetals is the ability to insulate against current flow. The Earth's atmosphere is composed of nonmetallic elements, but lightning can break down the electron bonds and allow huge voltages to make their way to the ground.
Water in its pure form is nonmetallic, though it almost always contains impurities called electrolytes that allow for an electric field.
With an exploration of the benefits and challenges to society, health, and the environment, Nonmetals provides readers with new developments in the research of nonmetals, including where they came from, how they fit into our current technological society, and where they may lead us. Written in an easy-to-read format, this new full-color volume discusses new developments and dilemmas; past, present, and future uses of nonmetals in science and technology; and much more. Nonmetals explored in this volume include hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, oxygen, sulfur, and selenium.

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