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bioinstrumentation: Paper presentation

Some Definitions:
Measurand: the physical property being investigated Sensor: converts the measurand into an electrical signal
Analog processing: conditions the signal in the analog domain, typically amplification, electrical isolation, filtering
A/D: analog to digital conversion at a specified sampling frequency and precision
Digital processing: conditions the signal in the digital domain, typically, filtering, compression,  enhancements such as digital zoom and contrast enhancement 
Display: organizes the information in a manner understandable to the user, the user interface
Storage: e.g. disk or paper output
D/A: converts a digital signal (based on some reaction to the original analog signal) back
to the analog domain
Actuator: converts and electrical signal into a mechanical action.
Example: A treatment system that controls a laser based on tissue damage. What are the
various pieces in this system?
More definitions, based on operation of instrumentation
Direct: a measurement of the quantity of interest (e.g. measure finger length)
Indirect: a measurement of a quantity related to the quantity of interest (e.g. measurement
of an X-ray of a finger)

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