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About this computer paper-presentations : (NEURAL NETWORKS)
         In this paper we are proposing a method of intelligent controlling of injection molding using neural network based control unit. Neural networks have been recently expanding into many areas of engineering science and commerce is an appropriate tool for this task. The characteristics of neural networks that make them promising for manufacturing applications are –
After being trained by observed data, neural networks offer pattern recognition based intelligent control.

Neural network process data in a parallel manner and thus they are very fast.

Since neural networks learn solely based on training data it is possible to obtain inverse models of manufacturing process by simply obtaining the training data from a process model and presenting it to the neural networks in an inverse manner.

This simulation of neural network control scheme may be done by using soft wares like MATLAB, TG MOLD etc, We are suggesting that it is better to use “FORWARD MODELLING”of neural network rather than the “INVERSE MODELLING”

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