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Schaum's Outline of Applied Physics

Free ebooks, engineering books: Schaum's Outline of Applied Physics by Arthur Beiser

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies/Language: English/465 pages/Size:20.1 MB

Product Description

Master applied physics and ace your exams with this easy-to-follow guide that pumps up your problem-solving skills while reducing the time you need to spend studying! Applied Physics lets you focus on the problems that are the core of the subject. As you study along at your own pace, this guide shows you step by step how to solve the kind of problems youOre going to face on your exams. It gives you hundreds of completely worked problems with full solutions on the information that you really need to know. Hundreds of additional problems let you test your skills, then check the answers. This comprehensive study guide can be used with any textbook, but itOs so complete itOs ideal for independent study!


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