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A basic definition of Nanotechnology is the study manipulation and manufacture of extremely minute machines or devices.These devices are so small to the point of manipulating the atoms themselves to form materials.By this Nanotechnology we can make computers billions of times morefull than today’s and new medical capabilities that will heal and cure in cases that are now viewed as utterly hopelessly. The properties of manufactured products depend on how those atoms are arranged.If we know about exactly how many dopant atoms are in a single transdistor and exactly where each individual dopant atom is located and placed roughly the right number in roughly the right place,we can make a working transistor.Another improvement in Nanotechnology is self replication.Self replication make a effective route to truly low cost manufacturing.Our intuitions about self replicating systems learned from biological systems that surround us are likely to seriously mislead us about the properties and characteristics of artificial self replicating systems designed for manufacturing purposes.Artificial systems able to make a wide range of nonbiological products like diamond under programmatic control are likely to be more brittle and less adaptable in their response to changes in their environment than biological systems.At the same time they should be simpler and easier to design.Thus the progress of technology around the world has already given us more precise,less expensive manufacturing technologies that can make an unprecedented diversity of new products.Everything requires the computer is a major reason why people should research and develop Nanotechnology.


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