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Complete finger print technology and security system

About this computer paper-presentations : (Complete finger print technology and security system)tt
In the 21st century the use of biometric based systems have seen an exponential growth. This is all because of tremendous progress in this field making it possible to bring down their prices, easiness of use and its diversified use in every day life. Biometrics is becoming new state of art method of security systems. Biometrics are used to prevent unauthorized access to ATM, cellular phones , laptops , offices, cars and many other security concerned things. Biometric have brought significant changes in security systems making them more secure then before, efficient and cheap. They have changed the security system from what you remember (such as password) or what you possess (such as car keys) to something you embody (retinal patterns, fingerprints, voice recognition). Fingerprints recognition has been present for a few hundred years. Due to tremendous research this field has reached such a point where the purchase of fingerprint security system is quite affordable. For this reason these systems are becoming more widespread in a variety of applications.

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