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Anna University Wins TI Analogue Design Contest For Indian Universities

   Anna University Chennai won the first-ever Texas Instruments (TI) Analog Design Contest for Indian Universities for the year 2009. The team comprising M Aravind Krishnan, N Hariprasad and
S Ganapathy Subramaniam lifted the coveted Tom Engibous Shield, instituted by TI India in the name of TI's former Chairman & CEO, Tom Engibous. The Anna University team also won a prize of US$ 10,000 for their entry, "Design of a low cost video bronchoscope." Their solution used the Texas Instruments OPA360 video amplifier, TVP5146 video decoder, and the TMS320DM355 video processor. This solution can be used for non-invasive diagnosis of pulmonary tumors or other surgical
procedures such as endoscopy. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras won the First Runners-up Trophy for their entry, "Obstacle Detection in Flooded Roads." This team, comprising G Anoosh, S Raghunandan and S Sundar Aditya also won a prize of US$7,500.

Their solution used the TI voltage regulators
TPS71550 and TPS71537, and MSP430 microcontroller. The students demonstrated a device that can be useful for anyone in the rainy season and for the visually impaired in all seasons to warn them about abrupt changes in terrain.

The Second Runners-up trophy was bagged by Ankit Agarwal, Anubhav Gupta and Shailesh Kumar Dubey of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi for their entry, "MSP430-based Electronic Load Control for Micro Hydro Power Plants." This team used several TI analog ICs, including ICL7106,
ICL 7109, MPC508, and the MSP430 microcontroller. The team received a prize of US$5,000. Their project was a low-cost solution for a load controller that can be deployed in pico hydropower plants. This application can be useful in rural India.

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