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Ebook: Advanced Techniques for Signal Reception

Wireless Communication Systems: Advanced Techniques for Signal Reception : Free Wireless communication e books

By Xiaodong Wang, H. Vincent Poor



Appropriate for all courses in wireless receiver design, and for advanced courses in signal processing. As the performance and power requirements for wireless devices become increasingly challenging, engineers have recognized that advanced signal processing techniques are more crucial than ever. This book presents a unified framework for understanding the state-of-the-art in signal processing for wireless communications. Dr. Xiadong Wang and Dr. H. Vincent Poor focus on the development, analysis, and use of explicit algorithms for performing advanced processing tasks that arise in receiver design for emerging wireless systems, and provide a comprehensive set of algorithms for addressing physical issues, including multi-path, dispersion, interference, dynamism, and multiple-antenna systems. Many of the methods detailed here were developed by the co-authors themselves, notably in the areas of turbo processing, multiple-antenna systems, and low-complexity adaptive algorithms.

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