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Robotix 2010: IIT Kharagpur

Technology Robotix Society invites all robot enthusiasts to ROBOTiX2010
ROBOTiX is Asia's largest college level robotics fest held in IIT Kharagpur 
during its mega techno management fest Kshitij from 28th-31st Jan 2010.

This years event challenges participants, from colleges all around the
world, with 7 intriguing events.
The mechanical events being
eXplore - Participants build robots to navigate an obstacle course and
release trapped targets. The catch? It's all underwater.

TribotX Tournament- Teams will have their resourcefulness stretched
to the limit. An event involving three tasks with the problem
statement being released just 12 hours before the task.

Problem Statement
ROBOTIX, with its tradition of presenting challenging programming and algorithm intensive problem statements, brings in its tenth edition, Xants, online programming contest, where the participant has to submit the code for a Xant Robot to explore a given scenario, and to bring back as much energy for its colony in a limited period of time cycles.
Please note that this competition is entirely online, and does not require you to attend Robotix in Kshitij 2010.
The objective is simple - the entire colony needs to collect as much energy as it can during a fixed interval of time. The \textit{effectiveness} with which the energy has been collected is also taken into account (as will be apparent from the scoring formula) - the survival rate of the ant colony plays a big role in the final score of the participant.

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