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ebook: Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge

A Guide to the Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge (WEBOK) 2009 Edition.

G. Giannattasio,
J. Erfanian,
K. D. Wong, P. Wills,
H. Nguyen, T. Croda,
K. Rauscher,
X. Fernando,
N. Pavlidou

Responding to requests from industry for a program to ensure consistency and excellence among wireless technical professionals, the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) created its Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (WCET) Certification. Beginning in September 2008, ComSoc is holding the WCET testing twice a year at locations worldwide. The WEBOK is organized according to the areas of expertise in the WCET Delineation, namely RF Engineering; Propagation & Antennas; Wireless Access Technologies; Network & Service Architecture; Network Management & Security; Facilities Infrastructure; Agreements, Standards, Policies & Regulations; and Fundamental Knowledge. Included in the WEBOK is a large list of additional publications and documents that candidates should review to become completely prepared for the WCET exam. The book is also a valuable reference for any wireless professional.

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