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Anasoft HFSS 11.01

3D Full-wave Electromagnetic Field Simulation

HFSS™ is the industry-standard software for S-parameter, Full-Wave SPICE™ extraction, and 3D electromagnetic field simulation of high-frequency and high-speed components. Engineers rely on the accuracy, capacity, and performance of HFSS to design on-chip embedded passives, IC packages, PCB interconnects, antennas, RF/microwave components, and biomedical devices.

HFSS improves engineering productivity, reduces development time, and better assures first-pass design success. HFSS v11 can solve complex geometries 2-5X faster and use half the memory, allowing users to expand beyond what they ever thought possible with simulation technology. Additionally, HFSS v11 includes new automation features, user-interface refinement, and data linking capability, making it easy to design, simulate, and validate complex high-performance RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave devices, high-speed channels, and complete power-delivery systems in modern, high-performance electronics.

New in HFSS v11

* New higher-order hierarchical basis functions combined with an iterative solver provides accurate fields, smaller meshes, and efficient solutions for large multi-wavelength structures.
* Enhanced port solver: HFSS can simulate lower frequencies than before and will have a lower noise floor.
* Floquet Ports: these periodic ports enable designers of phased-array antennas and frequency-selective surfaces to obtain separate fields into modes for better understanding and examine phase information for each mode.
* Optimetrics™ now offers genetic algorithm
* New Auto-assign capability for terminals
* Complex geometries solve 2-5X faster using half the memory with the new v11 fault tolerant, high-quality finite element mesher
* Expanded Distributed Solve Option
* Automatic Distributed Solve of discrete and interpolating frequency sweeps
* Now available for parametric sweeps, optimization, sensitivity analysis, and statistical analysis
* Improved Dynamic Links SIwave-HFSS and HFSS-HFSS
* Link is now based on both E- and H-field; greater accuracy in case of enforced field in HFSS-HFSS link
* New report editor for better usability
* Feature-rich 2D plots


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