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All these engineering project content are in the stream of Electrical and electronics!

Flashing Neons (NE-51 / NE-2)
Sequencing Neons (NE-51 / NE-2)
Touch Activated Light
Game Show Indicator Lights (Who's First)
Salt Water Battery
Transistor Schmitt Trigger Oscillator
Car parking system using Microcontroller
Electronic House
Automatic Railway Gate Control
Intelligent Train Engines
Water level indicator and controller
Automatic Railway Grade Crossing Flashers
Joy Stick Controlled - Modernized "Toy" Throttle
Laser Pointer Train Detector
Automatic Station Stop Circuit
Plant Watering Watcher - Version II
Water-Level Controller
Staircase Light With Auto Switch-Off
Fire Alarm Using Thermistor
Mobile Cell phone Charger
Centronics port D/A converters and low-pass filter
Plant Moisture Meter
Room Noise Detector
Heating System Thermostat
Cellular Phone calling Detector
Temperature-controlled Fan
Temperature-controlled 12V dc Fan
Digital Step-Km Counter
Bicycle back Safety Light
Whistle Responder
Jogging Timer
PC Multimedia Speakers
Running Message Display
Digital Dice With Numeric Display
School/College Quiz Buzzer
Simple lie detector

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